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Dragon of the Blue Flame


Oh well, hello there.

Who am I you wonder, why it is I, Jab Wocky, the storyteller of this narrative.

Hmm? You want to know what this Dragon of the Blue Flame is? Well that is an interesting story…

It all started long ago, there lived a mage with unimaginable power, power, which the likes of us have never ever seen before… This formidable mage though didn’t care about the strength he possessed. For he had already seen everything this life could give him. In fact, the mage was more interested in the world around him. The earth he walked on, the animals that dwelled by and far away from him, by the waves that lapped on the sandy shore he once visited. He was so enthralled with nature that he wanted to become one with nature itself, it was a need he had to fulfill. The true purpose to his life. 

The only way the mage knew how to do this was, if he took his own life force. Which he then had to take and turn it into a flame so pure and true that it burned blue. Even though it meant doing something that was a taboo, ending his own life. But the mage did just that. 

By turning his life force into a pure blue flame though, he became something, a bright sapphire colored Dragon. Aptly named the Blue Dragon.

As the years progressed the Blue Dragon became increasingly more violent. Feeding an ever yearning hunger. He burned everything he could with his molten hot breath; forests, villages, his breath was so strong it was even able to evaporate large ponds. He attacked kingdom after kingdom, never allowing the kingdoms to rest before he was attacking again. 

Moral was low as warriors tried to take on this beast, until finally the 13 kingdoms were able to agree to a plan that would once and for all get rid of this horrible beast. 

As the armies were getting ready to stage their final attack, a shadow appeared over them. Causing everything to stop, and for everyone to look up in awe. A blue Phoenix had arrived. They all watched slack jawed and wide eyed as a legendary battle began, the Phoenix verus the Dragon.

The fight lasted for hours as both beasts were of equal strength, and no army dared to interrupt for fear they would face the wrath of both Dragon and Phoenix. The armies watched in confusion as the two larger than life beasts backed away from their clashing. Everyone watched with baited breath as they realized what was happening. The Phoenix and the Dragon were gearing up for their final attack, the attack that would hopefully end the suffering that the Dragon caused. 

All who witnessed this battle couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The blue Dragon and the blue Phoenix released a roaring blue flame from their mouths, the same flame that had ended the mage’s life. As the molten blue flames clashed there was an explosion that hit every living creature that was near. Thankfully though the only ones to die that day were the Dragon and the Phoenix. Unbeknownst to the warriors the blue flames from the Dragon and the Phoenix infused with them all. Which would later be transferred to their children, those children would be born with blue eyes.

The end of the battle between the Dragon and the Phoenix marked the beginning of not only a new year, but a new era. 

The Year 0.

And that was the story of the blue flame…

Oh, you want to read more? I mean i could tell you this story about this kid who wants to be a knight.

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