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Chapter 1: Romance Dawn Part 1

Gold Roger, the 'King of the Pirates,' had achieved it all.

Wealth, Fame, and Power had all been his.

Not surprisingly, the final words he spoke before the world government lopped off his head inspired adventurers throughout the world to sail the seas.

"My treasure?" Roger thought as the blades of the two swords cross his neck. "Why, it's right where I left it ..." A grin emerges on his face as he said, "It's yours for the taking, but you'll have to search the Whole World! I left everything I own in One Piece."


The world ... is about to witness A Great Era of Piracy!

One year ago a pirate ship made its base on a small harbor Village, where the winds blow from the east and the village is at peace.

As the ship is anchored on the docks, the black flag bearing a skull with three scars over the left eye and two swords crossing behind it also known as a Jolly Roger begins to flap against a strong wind that suddenly appeared.

"Hey, Luffy!" Yelled a red-haired man wearing a straw hat, "What're you up to now?!"

Luffy, a small boy standing on the Bow of the ship designed as a head of a dragon.

"Hmph!" The boy growled lifting a dagger up above his head, "I've had it with you guys!! Now you'll have to take me seriously!!" The boy grits his teeth, "This is how tough I am!!"

Red-haired laughed at the boy who spent the whole year trying to join his pirate crew, "Get it over with! Whatever it is..."

"What's the pup up to now?" Asked one of the crew members wearing a strip shirt and bandana.

"Now!" Luffy cried.




"You idiot what'd you do that for!?"


Later that afternoon, the Red-Hair crew finds themselves at their favorite pub.

"A toast!! To Luffy's... Courage? And to our great voyage!!"

The crew begins to cheer.

"Har Har Har Har! Drink up!"

"Grog! Grog! Grog! More Grog!"

"Hey, that's my meat!"

"Not anymore I'm gonna eat it!

"Hey stop fighting! You'll spoil the fun!"

Luffy carrying a big smile hiding his tears as he sits at the bar and a bandage under his eye.

"It didn't hurt a bit!"

"Liar!" Red-hair yells, "That was a foolish thing to do!"

Excitingly Luffy Shouts, "I'm not the least bit afraid of getting hurt! Take me with you on your next voyage! I wanna be a pirate too!!!"

"HAHAHA! You?! A Pirate?! Impossible!!" Red-hair laughs as he is enjoying his meal next to the boy, "Luffy, do you know why we call you the 'Anchor'? Because you can't swim You just sink!! What good is a pirate who can't swim?"

Red-hair has been a pirate for years and knows a thing or two when it comes to the dangers of the sea. Once a Cabin boy in his earlier years now Captain of his own ship, Luffy would need to prove himself if he ever wants to compare to his idle Red-haired Shanks.

Disagree with Shank's statement, "but if I don't fall overboard then it doesn't matter if I'm an Anchor!! AND I'm a strong Fighter!" Throwing a punch in the air, "I've been training! My punch is as powerful as a pistol!"

"A pistol, eh?" Red-hair Shanks unimpressed by Luffy's efforts, "is that so..."

"Are you Doubting me?!"

"Calm Down Luffy!"

"Let's just have a good time!"

"Yeah! Pirates Always have a good time!"

"The Sea is vast and there's lots of islands to explore!"

"And best of all, pirates have FREEDOM!!"

Luffy now with stars in his eyes is all excited about being a pirate.

"You guys stop filling his head with crazy ideas," Shanks tries to calm his crew down with a spoon hanging in his mouth as he tries to finish his meal.

As the crew tries to convince their captain to let Luffy join, Shanks agrees only if one of his crewmates is willing to stay back. They quickly went back to drinking leaving Luffy frustrated that Shank's crew no longer were helping him join.

"You're just too young, kid. Maybe in ten years, I'll give you a chance."

"Cap'n Shanks! I'm telling you... I'm not a little kid!!"

"Don't get upset now. Here, have some milk."

"Oh boy! Thanks!" Luffy then takes a big chug of milk.

"See!" Shanks laughs, "A real Pirate would never drink Milk!"

"That was a dirty trick!" Luffy walks away from Shanks holding the glass of milk. "Hmph! I'm getting tired of this. I even stabbed myself in the face so you'd take me with you."

"Luffy.." A man lights his cigarette while sitting alone, "The captain's just doing what's best for everyone.."

"How do you figure, Mr. Frist Mate sir?"

"The safety of the entire crew and ship rests on his shoulders. Being a pirate isn't all fun and games, you know. There's lots of duties like... Pillaging, hostage-taking, heavy drinking ... and swimming! Plus the captain knows the sea can kill you in a thousand ways. It's not that he's trying to crush your dreams."

"Well, I don't believe it! Shanks just likes to make me look dumb."

"Hey, Anchor!" Shanks calls out chuckling.


"Captain Shanks!" the beautiful green hair bar keeper Makino walks up carrying a keg of beer, "I'm glad to see you and your crew are enjoying yourselves."

"Ho boy, I just love making fun of this kid!"

"Hmmm," the first mate looking over at Luffy as he points at Shanks, "Maybe the lad's got a point..."

"Luffy would you like something to eat? Makino ask.

"Yeah! Just put it on my treasure tab!"

Shanks scorns Luffy for trying to swindle Makino with no money as Luffy argues. Mikino begins to laugh at the two while preparing Luffy's food, she then tells Luffy that they can celebrate when he returns from this adventure.

As Luffy struggle eating his uncut steak, he beings to worry that he won't be able to learn to swim by the time Shanks and his crew leave the village, Shanks mentioned that after two or maybe two more voyages they would have enough money to head north and leave the village for good.

"I'm gonna learn how to swim by the time you leave!"

"That's good kid... Do whatever you want."

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