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Just working on the site Ia bit to make it look a lot better, currently working on a new book and hoping to be able to get that published this year, just trying to figure out where to start it. I do have the story mapped out, and the story I was working on for book one... Well, I'm thinking about skipping it to book 3. Mainly the stories for book 1 and 2 for what I have planned aren't as strong as the stories in book 3. Although seeing the story from the beginning is important, I think if I were to start it off where the characters ARE doing something interesting would be much better for readers. Plus, I still plan on explaining the beginning parts of the story, I just want my readers to enjoy my story to the fullest. But I'm still figuring things out, I might end up going back to what I originally had.

It's still January, I started working on this story at the end of December (Mind you I mean this version of the story, I created this story back in 2001). My other book, which is finished I'm just waiting for my editor to finish editing it. I'm just not sure when that will be ready to come out, and I'm working on two different comics. Those two comics are on hold atm so I can focus on this book I'm working on; I just need to figure out how I'm directing the story so I can start writing it...

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